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The History of

Pathfinder Cricket Club

The birth of a cricket club

One evening in 1948, a group of young men gathered in a wine cellar in Bath Place in Worthing. They were all keen cricketer, and it was the idea of RAF Flight-Lieutenant Harvey Etherton that a club should be born.

He had selected the name "Pathfinder" and it was said that the club which those enthusiasts formed proved as potent as the beer in the barrels on which they sat.

Harvey was born in 1920 ans when war broke out he was only nineteen years old. Like many young men, he signed up to serve his country and joined the RAF, completing two tours with 49 Squadron and 

207 Squadron.

Sgt. Etherton became Flight officer in 1944 and then Flight Lieutenant before the end of the war. A study of his war records shows that he made 48 trips, completing 306 flying hours, and yet he still found time for the odd game of cricket in between. 

Some of his wartime chums such as Gerry Reakes and Doug Miles were in the wine cellar on that night, and I wonder if they could have guessed then that 2018 would see their club celebrating its 70th Anniversary in the same year as the centenary of the RAF.

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